GPU won't display

When I boot up my pc, it won't display to my Monitor, I have tried plugging the HDMI cable to both my GPU and my Motherboard but neither are displaying.

I have a GTX 770
Intel Quad Core i3
And a 500W PSU

I bought 2 8pin pcie connectors for my GPU but I don't know where to connect the end that doesn't go into the GPU. Is this possibly the problem? That I don't have enough power? But if so, why would my Motherboard not be displaying either. I can't go into the BIOS or anything because it won't display on my monitor
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  1. New, or old setup? What specs?
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  2. I bought a pre built PC a couple of years ago.

    It has a GTX 770 GPU (which I bought yesterday and trying to install right now)

    It used to have a Radeon R7 200 but I just took that one out.

    It has an Intel i3 quad core processor
    500W PSU
    8GB RAM
    and I don't know what kind of Motherboard it is
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  3. This is a picture of the inside of my PC
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  4. You have two 8-pin connectors on the graphics card. So you need two 8-pin PCI-E cables either from the power supply, or by using molex to 8-pin connectors. I'm sorry to say this, but running that card is going to be very problematic with that power supply you have. Buy a good power supply if that case supports standard power supplies, otherwise running that card is going to be very tough.
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  5. But if I take the gpu out and plug the hdmi cable into my motherboard, it still doesn't display anything to the monitor.

    Also, what psu would you recommend?
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  6. What CPU do you have? You can't possibly have an i3, because that right there is an AMD motherboard.

    AMD CPU's rarely have integrated graphics, unless they're APU's. If your CPU doesn't have integrated graphics, you won't have a display from your motherboard.

    As for a power supply, you can check the PSU Tier list on Tom's hardware - go for a Tier 2 or Tier 3 power supply, should be fine.
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  7. The power connector between the cpu and the power supply is unplugged.
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  8. Sorry, I thought it was Intel.

    But now I've installed my old Radon R7 200 gpu, it won't display either when it was working perfectly fine before

    Also, I forgot to reconnect the psu cable to the cpu before taking the picture, sorry for confusion
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  9. I also just checked my USB ports and none of them are getting power
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  10. rachelsinky99 said:
    I also just checked my USB ports and none of them are getting power

    If system is not turning on even without the video card you need to check your connections to the motherboard from the PSU and case again. What is your power supply brand and model? Was the 770 card tested before you bought it? If you had issues with the card or the power supply running it, it may have burned out the motherboard.

    What is the brand and model of the power supply? Does it have two 12V rails on it or just one? If just one, it is not good quality at all since it shows "500 watts" yet a single 12V rail at 27 amps is 324 watts which is well bellow the rating it should have. Cheap power supplies basically cheat their power rating by having more power on the other rails that are not doing much. A good power supply will have most of it's rated power on the 12V rail.
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