Intel core i5 8400 review on rendering

Is this processor better for 2D/3D rendering?
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    muazzam.shakib said:
    Is this processor better for 2D/3D rendering?

    That depends on the rendering program and what you are comparing it to,

    Overall this processor is the most exciting one from anyone in a LONG time. It won't suck at any rendering program since it has 6 cores and can boost to 4ghz. It is about the best gaming CPU out there, certainly the best value.
    For a gaming focused build, this is the best value in CPUs. Only the higher end 8600k and 8700k are faster and "in-game" it won't make that much difference.

    However if you are looking at high end render engines (not games, but stuff like Cinema 4d, Lightwave, 3d Studio Max, etc) than it would be helpful to have more threads. For that use I would go with a AMD Ryzen 1700x or 1800x.
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