USB Header Expander - Active or Passive?

I don't have anymore PCI or PCIe slots left on my mobo so I have been looking to expand the 9-pin USB header on my mobo so that I can expand it to 2 9-pin headers.

There are not too many options out there but I have seen active ones that require a power connection from the PSU, like the NZXT (circuit board with power connection)

and passive ones that do not require any power from the PSU like the following from many China-based sellers on ebay (circuit board but no power connection)

Obviously, the passive ones are cheaper. But I'm not sure which type to go with, passive or active.

In what situation would I need to have the active powered USB header expander over the passive one?
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    Active powered ones are needed when amount of power required for all device connected to it exceeds power supplied by one USB port and or you need extensions longer than 5 meters in length. In any case, powered ones are better.
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