Graphics card update on the cheap going between AMD rx560 or older Nvidia.card

Hey guys atm long time reader got a pure question with the new AMD video cards vs Nvidia battle. Am a user of nvidia & intel at my house all stepsons running i3 with 500 -600 series videocards. I am looking for a cheap upgrade being boxing day sales my cards getting a bit old tho impressed how its gone. My current set up is an i5 2400 running on a asus h61 mother board 8gig ram Evga50ti 1G video card running Window 10 PRO 64bit. Videocard was bought 2nd hand & still going as good as the day i got it. As a joke on my current set up run the Witcher 3 Wild hunt on medium setting frames capped no issues no vsync with 650ti no been OC or touched. Looking at pricing here in NZ & seen AMD radion 560 4gig for a ridiculous price,i cant pass up as have a buget & paying another 3rd for a nvidia card to not gain much. I know on paper the rx560 isnt as good tho i play on a 21 inch monitor & looking at it as i seen walkthews of a few games played on this card recommending for price. Just asking any people who have dabbled in the new AMD 560 cards & software & gaming experience as advise for is it worth $200 for a radion 560 oc 4gig ram vs 1050 or 1050ti they up another $100 for the ti range. Not fased with heat as run extra case fans to suit & only a stop gap till i build my newer beast later on in the year. I am prety tempted to go the RX 560 just as i got a buffer for any new dx12 games coming out in the next while. I dont play vr or 4k so frames arnt a worry & play most games medium settings. just looking for a decent stop gap & just want advise. Not a nvidia fan boy or AMD fan neither Intel. Tho if radian can please my eyes with the rx560 for a budget i be trying the new ryzen 2nd gen build later in the year. Havnt used much Amd products in the past as buld or abundance of nvidia videocards 2nd hand lying round but if going new is it worth the giggles of a 4gig rx560 as a buffer till later as 1 my step sons will inherit it eventually.
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    The RX 560 ($146) is closest to the GTX 1050 ($123) in performance.,4388.html

    I still think the RX 560 is a better deal because you have the option of a Freesync monitor.
    Basically Freesync is included on a lot of new screens as a zero cost option and I hear it's really good to have.
    It's on my monitor but I have a second hand GTX 1070 and can't use it.
    G-sync monitors are a lot more expensive.
  2. Its the way i am going not lining nvidia pocket atm to dare for not much gain. End of the day am going to upgrade as i go later in 2018. If i manage to get a 4gig rx 560 for cheap i will be going that way to try as i rather have the xtra vram for newer game titles of next year or 2 where the AMD cards will start shining with dx12 without going big $ for a dx12 capible nvidia card. Thinking as a stopgap for older monitor which the AMD card will suit. Always keen to go between my brands i shop with valve & decent preformance to boot. Next few months of drivers with AMD will filter threw soon & not after exceptional graphics as my eyes arnt that great & meduin settings suit me well playing games. My old evga 650ti is hanging in well considering the abuse its had & load its been under all it life. Especially running The Witcher 3 full screen frames capped without an issue low medium preset. End of the day if i am lucky to get a rx560 4gig card i am going to give it a run even do some video recording of certain games if its an ok card. Hvnt ever played with a brand new net gen video card yet if i goes ok i will be recommending if i get good results not expecting stellar but if i do i will share my results to.
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