i7-6700k Maximus Ranger VIII

Hello i would like to overclock my CPU can anybody tell me what voltage should i use for it.
Target speed should be on 4.5 up to 4.6

For now i use EZ-tuning and it goes on 4.6 i run test on Aida64 for an about 1hour and no issues max tem was 77 i use H110i cooling system.
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  1. I have a 6700k and a Hero Alpha, so very similar to you... I run at 4.8 at 1.29... But I have a higher than average chip. Now I can't speak for your chip, but mine does

    1.23 at 4.6 low 60's
    1.29 at 4.8 high 60's
    1.43 at 5.0 mid to high 70's

    And that is as high as I have taken it... Anything past 5.0 and it will boot, but gives me blue screens a lot... I run the same cooler you do...

    I hope that helps... Personally I would not use more than 1.4v for daily use. I prefer to run mine a little slower than it is capable of but with a lot less voltage because in my experience you start to have to use a lot of power and generate a lot of heat with little return. I've found that for my chip, 4.8 at 1.29 is a good spot. I like to choose a target OC, then take the power down as low as I can.
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  2. I set up my on 4.6 and test on AIDA was ok for 1.30 hrs but when i play Assassins Creed Game Just Crash Without any errors just go to desktop.
    And that was on 1.35 so you think i should go lower like try to go on 1.34 and check and lower and lower?
    And check if there will be some crashes Blue Screens ETC??
    Sorry for my bad English.
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  3. Crashing to desktop sounds like a GPU problem, not an overclocking issue... Typically when the CPU OC fails, you get blue screens...

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