Choosing the right can of compressed air for cleaning components

Hey there,

I would like to clean up my desktop using a compressed air can, however, I'm quiet skeptical when it comes to choosing the right brand, therefore, I would like to ask for recommendations if anyone has experience with cleaning their desktop. I seen so many brands and their reviews were not always positive. Some of them do not work when you flip them upside down and want to reach those tiny spaces and others leave moisture on the components and I wouldn't like to risk it.

For example:
Would this one be ok? Would 400ml be enough? Probably yes.

Many thanks.
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    Looks fine to me, reviews are good. I have always used the dust off brand but I am not sure if it's available in the UK. I have never had a can of compressed air that worked upside down or even at an angle without spraying a bit of moisture out. You should hold the can upright and not angle it at all when using it.

    400ml should be enough, depends on how much you need to dust.
  2. I gave up on dusters years ago. I have a portable compressor with a moisture trap on it. Less than a 100 bucks.

    Not an ideal solution if you only have one PC to keep the dust out of , but it also inflates car tires, water toys etc. as well.

    Mind you, some days there's ten different PC's through the door here, so you can understand why this makes sense for me.
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