PSU Blown, would it affect other components. do I put this.

Last night I was just casually watching YouTube with PUBG just running in the background and all of a sudden I hear a long bang and then a burning smell. I quickly rush and turn of the power at the wall and back of the case and then open up the side.

I figured quickly that the PSU had just killed itself.

Today, I found another plug and then plugged into the back of the case. And burst into sparks making a terrifying electronic noise.

Now the question I got is that. Would any of the other parts in my PC would of gone down the ship? Or would they be just fine.
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  1. It is possible you damaged other components.

    What PSU was it. Never use cheap PSU's, they are built with circuitry and quality to try to avoid damage to other components.
  2. No clue what the PSU was tbh. It has been running hard for 4 years under heavy loads for many hours of the days.
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    Do not try to turn it on again with that PSU.

    Your best bet is to open it up, unplugged, and look at the motherboard for any signs of obvious damage. If none, then replace your PSU, cross your fingers, and give it a try.
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