About overclocking my Asus Phoenix GTX 1050TI

Hello guys,

So I got this Asus Phoenix 1050Ti, which doesn't require any 6 pin power connector. What came in together was a dvd with it, where u insert it and a software called GPU Tweak will be installed.

After I installed it, there were basically three main options at the top- OC(overclocking) Mode, Gaming Mode and also the Silent mode. Was just asking since this GPU does not have any 6 pin power connector, is it safe to put my 1050Ti in the OC mode? Will it degrade it?

I also had this other question.
I see other reviews of the same card that I use, their temp are always below 70 Celcius but mine is always between 71 to 76 Celcius. Is there any way to decrease the temp while not decreasing the performance.

Thanks guys for answering and have a good day ahead :)
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  1. them temps are perfectly fine, I wouldnt worry at all. Temps can be higher because of many factors, like your ambient temp, airflow in your case etc.

    Yeah its safe to use the automatic OC mode.
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  2. hhmmm i think you should not do high OC on GPUs with no power connectors, because they die faster
    i would pay extra 10$ for 6pin GPU
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  3. gm-madi said:
    hhmmm i think you should not do high OC on GPUs with no power connectors, because they die faster
    i would pay extra 10$ for 6pin GPU

    That's a lie. Not having a power connector will not make it die faster.
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  4. any proof ?
    the logical reason is, number 1 component killer over time is Heat and overclocking = extra heat
    6 pin cable is much better power delivery than the PCiE and all 6 pin GPUs got double and some of the got heatsinks, its enough difference to give you extra years
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  5. You need to prove it does.

    More heat and overclocking can potentially kill it quicker (over the lifespan of the gpu, it more likely to be totally out of date before failure though), but that has nothing to do with getting the power on the 6 pin connector.
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  6. you have a point, most of theories are not true we all know that, pushing a GPU to high Overclocking is not healthy from PCIe lanes especially from bad motherboards. its true the 1050ti's can run with no 6pin connector but +10$ will give you 100% piece of mind. GPU that get power directly from the PSU eiher you OC it or not.
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  7. The worst that will happen is just that you wouldn't potentially be able to overclock as high, if your overclock is limited by power delivery - which it probably wont be. Its not going to increase the chance of dieing just because it doesnt have a 6 pin power connection.
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  8. 1- overclocking the gtx 10 series is limited by Nvidia by the power delivery.
    2- lets forget about the GPU, lets suppose it can be overclocked easy, think about the PCIe slot how much can it run with max power delivered to the non 6pin GPU.
    like i said, written in paper sure it can be enjoyable and OCed but 'make it run' is different from 'correct'
    am getting a 1050ti next week and i chose 6pin GPU just for mind peace.
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  9. Check the Overclocking for both cards with a connector and cards without. Basically makes no difference.
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  10. to give final answer, the PCIe slot provides 75w maximum which the 1050ti needs, numbers looks fine to 'RUN'
    i know you can lift 100kilos but am not sure you can hold them up for 2 hours.
    immagine the motherboard giving its maximum for 2 years, this is obviously dangerous.
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  11. The 1050 ti doesnt need 75w to run, in most gaming it actually only uses around 67w.

    Sure if you try and heavily overclock, the power may become a limit, but its not going to break anything like you said. Its not dangerous, there are limits in place for this reason.

    Please dont scaremonger with false information based on your theories, when you dont actually know.
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