Should I flash the bios to a U1L(UEFI BIOS) to be able to use a NVIDIA 1050 on an older mobo GA-Z68XP-UD4

Hello, I am being advised that I should update my bios to an U1L(UEFI BIOS) because my current BIOS F5 from 2011 supposedly does not support the newer NVIDIA cards like the 1050 GTX TI.

When I try to boot my pc with the new card it starts a reboot loop as soon as the windows 10 loading screen/automatic repair screen shows.

I'm kinda hesitant to try this as I read it can be dangerous and would like to have some confirmation.

I used the rufus tool to create a bootable USB drive and copied the 3 Gigabyte files for the UEFI BIOS and it overwrote the autoexec.bat, will that do the trick if this is indeed the right course of action?

Thank you
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  1. If you can get to the Windows 10 loading screen the UEFI support is fine, the problem you are having is your old drivers are casuing windows to Crash, put in your old GPU and use DDU to remove the old display drivers, insert the new card and install the new drivers.
  2. Trying this now, thank you.
  3. I tried it and doesn't work. I removed drivers with ddu in safe mode, stuck in reboot loop with new card again.
  4. Hmm, whats the rest of your specs including power supply? I would try updating the BIOS but it shouldnt be necessary, ususally if a BIOS update is needed you wont get anything on the display.
  5. Thanks but I've given up and am returning the video card, I'm not gonna try upgrading video card in this pc again. I've tried 2 days of fixes and just am done with it. My PSU was 650 watt. I tried updating the bios it only goes to F5 as latest version with @bios which someone on another forum says does not support newer nvidia video cards. Yet I can't find any info about this online. Everyone is saying different stuff and I'm not trying anything anymore lol.
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