High temps with Ryzen under liquid cooling (Kraken x62 & Water 3.0 Ultimate)

Hello! I've had extremely high temps for couple of months after I RMA'd Ryzen and now with new Ryzen 1800x that I bought on black friday.

Before I RMA'd Ryzen I was using a Thermal Grizzly's Conductonaut and my temps were excellent. At 1.4v LLC4 temps were little under 70C with high performance mode and with silent mode, temps maxed out at 75c/76c in prime95 and delta between water and CPU were more responsive and somewhat lower. Now when I fire up Prime95 from the fresh my CPU temps jump up to the 70C almost instantly at those volts even though water temps are at 28 - 32c! And when water temps are maxed at about 38-40c, max CPU temps are at 80-82c with HIGH performance mode. Paste I now use is kryonaut

I've already tried to re-seat cooler 4 times. One time with Water 3.0 ultimate (because my kraken x62 RMA was on the way) using spread method and three times with kraken x62 with 2 times with spread method and one time with pea method.

Only variable's that has been changed is the thermal paste, CPU and the new Kraken x62.

I've seen many times on the internet that difference between liquid metal and ordinary thermal paste is minimal, but what I've seen, it's HUGE if thermal paste is to be found culprit.

Do any of you have advice what could I do to try to make my Ryzen temps better, I have open case because of overclocking so it's not a ventilation problem.

I've got my x62 pump at max speed at all times. These temps are so bothersome because I once had great temps with Ryzen and kraken x62 but not anymore :(

And if I have to make it so far as to buy a new kit or custom loop, what parts/kits do you recommend I've got my eyes on EKWB's p360 for a while, what guys do you think of that kit? Seems to have a (?)better(?) pump than x360. Is D5 pump enough for two 360mm radiators for maximum silence I mean, I really, really like and appreciate silent PC that's why I'm so annoyed by these temps and noise with it.

But my main priority is still if possible, to get these liquid coolers to keep temps under control with Ryzen like kraken x62 previously kept.
And I can't really find comparison's between water 3.0 ultimate Riing RGB and kraken x62 that I have. What do you guys think, can water 3.0 ultimate keep Ryzen cooler than kraken x62? I didn't really find lot of difference because both coolers has lately done very poor job with cooling Ryzen.

Kraken x62 max pump speed 2600RPM with 280mm thicker rad.
Water 3.0 ultimate max pumps speed tops around at just 1800RPM with 360mm thinner rad.

Thanks in advance for any advice and answers! :)
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  1. Could be the paste, I know the stuff is good, but typically is not used between the cooler and the top of the CPU as it liquefies. Try normal thermal past, If it doesn't work then the problem is else where and you simply wipe the paste off and use your liquid metal.

    Also at 1.45v with LLC, most likely the voltage is going higher than 1.45v. Check with CPU-Z while under load and see how high it goes, 1.45v is a bit hard on 280mm coolers of the 8 cores as it is, if it jumped to 1.5v that probably would be your problem. the 360mm should handle it though.
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