I recently imported videos from my SD card onto my PC with windows 10, and now I can't find them. The PC said the videos were

I am having troubles with my PC and importing videos.
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  1. don't put the question on the title. they get cut off.
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    "Computer says No"

    We're going to need the name of the SD card and the name of your computer. This could be:
    - The SD card reader not being enabled => Open Control Panel>Hardware & sound>Device Manager, right-click on the SD card name and select Enable device.
    - A defective SD card => Run the Hardware troubleshooter from Settings>Update & Security>Troubleshoot
    - A defective SD card slot => Use the warranty plan if applicable.
    - A missing driver for the SD card slot => Go to the laptop manufacturer's support page and get all relevant drivers for your computer.
    - A missing SD card driver => Go to the SD card manufacturer's support page and get all relevant drivers.
    - A missing Windows driver => Open Settings>Update & Security and click Update.
    - You not remembering where you put the videos => Open File explorer and check every library you see.
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