HELP! Right or wrong CPU Cooler on AM4 Mobo

Asus Prime B350 Plus Motherboard.
AMD Ryzen 3 1200 CPU

Will Cooler Master Hyper 103 fit into the mobo?

If not

then would Be Quiet - Pure Rock Slim 35.1 CFM CPU Cooler fit?
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    Pure Rock Slim is a better cooler and will fit on your board.
  2. Would it work as it is or need a special mount that i would have to contact the manufacturer at? I just want a compatible cpu cooler under £25 hat i can buy and install no issues no waiting around
  3. By now the stock on the retail market should have the AM4 bracket included.
  4. Alright then. Thank you
  5. 1 question, I have 2 sticks of 4gb Crucial CT2K4G4DFS8213 sticks (8gb total), when I put them into the Ram slots, they don’t seem to securely sit in properly. Also the bottom of the RAM has a curved design so it isn’t completely straight, whether that matters?

    Also, there are 4 slots on the mobo,

    Manual displays 2 sticks using A2 and B2 only. oh
    Would I do the same?

    Ram sticks are Single rank. whatever that means
  6. It's a DUAL Channel kit so use them in A2 and B2 , then should run in Dual Channel Mode.
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