I need a good am4 out the box air cooler.

I can oc my r5 1600 to 3.9 ghz at with the stock cooler but i stop the cpu stress test when it hits 90 degress. i want to get the best oc i can so im looking for a good am4 cooler out the box. looking for an air cooler and recommendations will be appreciated. i dont want to speend more that $40-$50.
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  1. Geekwad said:

    many reviews say its not compatable out the box. on cryorig website it says that newer ones do but that there is still some that don't. dont want to risk it.
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  2. I have found the support at Cryorig to be really good. So if in doubt, drop them a line about compatibility. You may have to request an AM4 adapter that is shipped separately (at no charge).
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  3. i got a deepcool gamaxx 400 worked well and was easy to install
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