New Build Randomly Crashes.

Just built a new computer and it randomly crashes on me.

I can be browsing the internet, playing games, checking emails, pretty much anything, and suddenly my screens go blank, and my computer restarts.
On other occasions, instead of restarting, my screens go blank, my RGB ram lights turn off, but my keyboard/mouse stay lit, but I can't do anything and the only way to power it down is to turn off the psu, the power button will not work.

My temps are good, the CPU has never gone above 40 in CAM when I'm watching it, and my GPU sits around 70-75 when gaming.

I've reseated the ram and changes the psu cables going everywhere, but honestly I think I have a bad/going bad PSU.

Any opinions?
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  1. Are you on the latest revision of BIOS found of Asus's site for you motherboard?
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  2. And did you do a clean install?? You didnt put a hdd in that had an OS on it from something else?
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  3. Yeah, was one the first things I did when I got all installed and booted. (This is in reference to updating the bios)

    I also did a clean install on the SSD when I got everything installed.

    Had other issues recently as well wtih this same build...
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  4. Still looking for possible solutions if anyone has any?

    This seems to happen more when I'm not using my computer, if that helps at all. It DOES happen when playing games, but seems to happen more often on the desktop or when it's sitting there idle. It seems to only restart randomly when gaming, but the whole screens going blank and having to hit the power switch on the PSU happens from anywhere and everywhere.
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