Weird problem with my Asus MG278Q

Ok im in a very weird situation and i ll start to describe the problems occured right from the start.
So i got this screen Asus MG278Q ,tried to connect it on my gpu ,a Sapphire Tri-X R9 290X OC via DVI at first ,no signal from screen,tried via HDMI again no signal ,so i ordered DisplayPort cables.
Allright i got the DP and the screen works awesome all night ,i play WoW basically .I wake up at morning and pc doesnt work ,seems my Power supply went off had a Corsair 850 plat for some years so i got a new one a Corsair 850 gold ,replaced it and pc starts working ,ok so i go home i plug in the screen and it fails on boot...anyway updated bios ,changed battery from motherboard but my pc fails at boot if i have the screen plugged in GPU ,if i remove it it boots and runs normally then i plug the screen on gpu and it keeps working.Also i couldn't put the screen to work at 144Hz sometimes ,was either locked at 60Hz or i was getting 143,90 Hz sign.
Plugged the screen on 2 different pcs one running a gtx970 windforce and the other a gtx960.First one boots normally the second one beeps 4-5 times on boot ,stops beeping and then beeps again for another 3 times and starts with red screen and starts working normally. .Replaced my GPU with the 970 but everything was awful screen was at 800x600!!! and weirdest thing of all was that programs and games that i had uninstalled some weeks ago returned on my PC!!!!tried to set up settings but everything was a mess!!!Anyway i put back the R290 AND i plugged my old EIZO via DVI (60 hz sucks i know) and it boots runs as usual .Im having this system
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz
windows 7 64bit ultimate edition
24gb memory
the above mentioned gpu
samsung ssd 840pro 256gb
k don't know much about things pc wise but any idea and help is greatly appreciated since i need to start from somewhere and figure out what messes things.Thanks again
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