games will not dectect graphcis card only onboard graphics what can i do

I have a gtx 1060 6 gb graphics card. I have the hdmi plugged into the graphics card itself, but on rainbow six siege it will only detect intergraded graphics. but if I plug the hdmi into the mobo it will detect the graphics card. I tried to go into the nivida control panel but that does nothing. if i need to udgrade my set up please tell me what parts i should upgrade, should I disable onboard graphics? any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.
pc specs:
CPU-i5 4690
MOBO-gigabyte GA Z97x
RAM- PNY 16gb ram
HDD- western digital caviar blue 1tb 7200 rpm
GPU- gtx 1060 6gb
PSU-corsair cx 500w 80+ bronze
OS- windows 10 64bit
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  1. I don't understand. Let's start with the basics. Can you boot to Windows desktop using the 1060? In other words, you can do anything you want EXCEPT run games? Or have you not tested the computer with some basic tasks first?

    Next, assuming the card works fine in Windows, is Rainbow Six the only game you've tested? Or have you tried a couple of other games too and they also don't work?

    Finally, which driver did you install and where did you get it?

    There is a setting in your motherboard bios under the 'peripherals' section. "Initial Display Output", you want that set to the slot your videocard is in, which should be "PCIe 1".
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  2. just go to the nvidia control panel and set the 1060 as default . nvidia control panel> 3d settings>manage 3d settings> preferred graphics processor.
    the factory default is auto select, replace with high performance nvidia processor.
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  3. I can boot up and do everything fine off the graphics card but r6 cod Friday the 13th all wont detect the graphics card. my nivida control panel doesn't have that option
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