Laptop fan cleaned--still noisy/rattling

When my fan started rattling when starting up, then proceeded to keep spewing out hot air and generally being loud for as long as my laptop was open (just confirmed that it was set never to actually go to sleep when plugged in and open...not one of my better ideas, I'll admit), I decided to get the situation Dealt With.

Went to Staples for malware removal. Malware removal successful, but the fan was still noisy.

Went to a local tech repair shop to get the fan cleaned out. The fan was indeed dirty, but cleaning it hasn't stopped the symptoms mentioned above.

And to top it off, just a couple of hours ago, the fan made a fluttering noise reminiscent of a helicopter for a few seconds, at two or three intervals. It's not making that particular noise now, but I'm getting worried as to what could make the fan go into overdrive when neither malware nor dust is an issue, and only my browser is open. (Bad heat sink? That's all I can think of, but I'd like to think the tech repair shop would have noticed that problem.)

For the record, the laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C855-S5350, just a couple weeks shy of being five years old.
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  1. Probably a fan recplacment is good idea proably bearings gone wrong, , well most PC shops use compressed air to clean it up (sometimes they actually don't open it), and if you will yourself to open laptop and replace it buy a thermal compound, or take it "again" to tech repair shop and leave them to replace it.
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