Is it possible to have 2 different GPU's in the same rig?

I'm studying 3D Modeling and I also play games sometimes.
I have a GTX 1080 Ti in my actual rig, I use it for gaming and rendering, but my question is if I could use the GTX 960 2gb from my old pc in the same rig, and use the gtx 1080 ti for rendering and the gtx 960 for playing at the same time while rendering, could that be possible?

I'm not sure If I'm wrong but I would like if someone could tell me if It is possible or not.

My rig is:
CPU: Ryzen 1700 Stock
RAM: 16gb DDR4 3200
GPU: GTX 1080 TI
MB: Asus prime b350-plus
PSU: Corsair CS750M 750W 80 Plus Gold

I have 2 monitors.

And also, If this could be possible, can my psu handle it?
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  1. Probably with OBS recording, but im unsure will that work but give it a try, just before doing anything else, First unplug your 1080 and let (Windows should recognize as nvidia drivers support) install drivers for 960 and then plug your 1080 First slot then your 960 in second PCIe. ( there may be some driver issues).
    Yes your PSU should handle

    Havent tested, because i had 2 gpu's on hand 2 days ago.

    But if you are gonna playing with 960 just expect lower perfomance cause it will run in x8 mode as in motherboard specs stated.
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  2. The first thing I'd do is test each card with a typical rendering job you'd have. Does the system with the 1080 Ti actually render faster than the system using a 960? You know without a doubt the 1080 Ti is faster in gaming, you don't even have to test that. So without proof the 1080 Ti makes a difference in rendering why use it for that?

    Then, after you have decided which card is going to render, maybe you could create a virtual machine to use the second card and do the rendering?
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