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So I recently built my first PC with a Ryzen 3 1300x, Asrock AB350M Pro 4 motherboard, EVGA 1060 3gb GPU, EVGA 450w 80+bronze, and 2x4gb G. Skills Ripjaw DDR4 ram. After I got it built I tried to turn the pc on and it kept turning off and on without reaching the BIOS. The CPU cooler fan spins, the case fans spin, and the GPU fan spins. I tried reseating the ram as well as the GPU but still same problem. I tried running it without GPU or ram, still same problem. I also had a friend come look at it with me and his thought is that it's the motherboard. When I installed the motherboard I missed putting in one standoff into the case. Also, when I tried to take the motherboard out of the case one of the screws wouldn't come out and I ended up ripping out the motherboard along with on if the screws still screws into the standoff. I have no way of testing my CPU or motherboard or PSU. Thanks in advance for the assistance!
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