New PC - Cant connect to PUBG servers (connection timeout when joining server)

Asking for a friend..

He just purchased a pre-build gaming PC - The ABS GT1 with I7-7700 CPU and Geforce 1070 GPU - link:

He is hardwire connected to his router via Ethernet cable. As far as I know he's updated any/all drivers (most were already up to date when he got it).
He is able to connect to the internet and browse/download/etc.. He installed Steam and purchased PUBG & installed that as well. He can login to the game, and made his acct & player, but as soon as he tries to join a server, it sits at the loading screen until it ultimately gives him a "Connection Timeout" error and returns him to the lobby.

We have tried everything I can think of..
- Firewall - We tried it turned off - We added a rule for steam and pubg - still nothing
- Windows Defender - Have tried with defender disabled - no luck
- We have played with router settings, including enabling UPnP, and QoS turned on and rule added for pubg ports
- We circumvented the router by directly connecting his Ethernet cable to the Modem - still nothing
- He has rebooted the router multiple times (not sure on the modem)
- Rebooted his computer multiple times
- Uninstalled & Reinstalled PUBG game
- Set both PUBG and STEAM to be accessed as "admin"

I'm sure we've tried even more, I just can't think of it all. It appears is something within the computers settings, and not the router, seeing as we removed the router and still had problems. Does anyone have a suggestion? My buddy is at his wits end, and I am feeling a little guilty as I helped him find a computer and do all the setup, only to have the 1 game he wants to play not work.

Thanks for any assistance!
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  1. sometime they refuse you a connection with such generic errors
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  2. timmy_area51 said:
    sometime they refuse you a connection with such generic errors

    Yes there is no description of how/why this is happening. Seeing as this is a pre-built PC, we may try a full wipe, with the hopes that maybe something was installed incorrectly during setup, and we'll just re-install everything from scratch.

    I am hoping to avoid that, as I don't know if it will require a windows key code or something (which he never received) from the PC maker. Unless someone has a better suggestion, thats likely what we'll do next, before just returning the PC and giving up on this. I've never bought a pre-built PC for myself, and this is a good example of why.
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