Is The socket broken 1151 z370

Just Wanna Know if this is normal.
Its like some pin is missing or bended

Its a Intel socket 1151 z370 asrock mini atx for a 8700k Straight out from The boc

Upper right corner

Thx for your time
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    Yes, it looks like a missing pin, Some are redundant, so the board might function, but I'd RMA it.
    For comparison:
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  2. In first picture it looks like it is been bent to the other side, but on second picture it looks like missing. either way, it's not ok.
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  3. Ya it looks like you are right. Dinit know if they changed the layout og the socket for The new 300 serie but looks Wrong tbh.

    Im happy im not The only one thinking that but you say the mortherbord May still be working?
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  4. But im gonna RMA it enyway just wanna be sure before i send it in.

    Thx guys
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  5. Yes, you can try testing it. You're welcome.
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