Will Dual Intel LAN Teaming in Windows 10 help me for more internet browsing speed

I think to buy ASRock Z370 Gaming K6 motherboard with Dual Intel Gigabit LAN ports and i am with Windows 10 RS2. I wonder if i can team them for better internet surfing performance.
I never play games and my internet download speed is about 37 Mb. My router has one free LAN port so i can plug two lan cables into the mobo. May i try something like the video below and will i see any difference in internet performance:

Quote from ASRock site:
"Users are able to connect two LAN cables to this motherboard's rear I/O. Dual LAN with Teaming function enabled on this motherboard allows two single connections to act as one single connection for twice the transmission bandwidth, making data transmission more effective.
* Teaming is supported on Windows® 10 RS2 and above."
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  1. No, it wont help, you would need gigabit internet service to see a performance gain by teaming the lan ports. 1000Mbs or faster. Gigabit is more than fast enough for 37mb internet service.
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  2. No, and even if it did depending on how you team them you might need a switch with LACP capabilities.
    Your network card is good for 1000Mbps, you are only using a max of 3.7% of that.
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  3. Well, then i will not buy so expensive model motherboard. As ASRock site claims it makes twice the transmission bandwidth and i thought will be somehow powerful, i knew it will not increase the download speed as Mb and what your ISP give you as speed that is it. I changed the router TL-WR841N(EU)_V8 with TL-WR841N(EU)_V13 and i see the internet speed after that is little faster. So i thought that teaming will somehow help me.
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  4. Teaming would more be used if your machine was say acting as a local file server. It used to be fairly popular method in corporate servers a number of years ago. With the cost of 10g ports now so low nobody uses teaming on enterprise servers. There are fairly signification limitations in teaming of ports that make it not work well for some types of application.

    It mostly does not matter for internet as pointed out above. Even if you were looking at local file sharing to other machines it is actually fairly hard to exceed 1gbit of traffic because of limitation within the disk system. You end up having to use high speed disks and raids to be able to exceed even a single 1gbit port.
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