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Can i use a Digital Commercial Signage as a monitor? i am getting one for cheap due to a deal and i wanted to know if there would be any differences, i sit little over a foot away from the screen. I want to know if there are any problems with using a digital signage display over a monitor its 600 dollars usually but i am getting it for 50 and i am fine with purchasing a VESA mount etc.

Here is the monitor:

Here is the mount:

Here is the mount adapter:

any info would be great! thanks!
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  1. Using digital signage displays as monitors is not bad for many things. They are probably not great as gaming monitors because they aren't intended for a lot of fast motion graphics. They may not have audio support and they don't have TV tuners. I have purchased them at work for conference room displays for many years.
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  2. It's kind of "terrible" for a PC monitor because it's a big screen but not a big resolution.

    You'll be sitting really close, and the pixels are gonna look pretty big, because the screen is like 8" bigger than a normal 1080p monitor.

    If you just want to look at solid pictures from somewhat far away it's not bad.
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  3. A 32 inch monitor will probably cause eye strain at 1 foot. You will probably want to back off.
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