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I have an Acer Predator G-Sync monitor 1080p 144hz 1ms, A GTX 1080 Ti founders, i7-7700k, 32gb 3200mhz RAM, on Windows 10. This past year I played with G-sync working flawlessly until recently I started to see problems where I would boot up Rainbow Six Siege, and see that the frame rate monitor built into the game would display a frame rate of 60 fps, when the frame rate is capped at 83 fps and my monitor is capped at 85hz. Usually the G-sync would kick in before the loading screen starts and would not give me problems no matter how much I put the games into Window mode or alt-tab the program. Now every time it works, once I alt tab it immediately loses G-sync when i resume playing. It seems like it is always 15 fps below my monitors refresh rate. I put my refresh rate at 60hz to try to manually sync frame/refresh rate, but then my fps capped at 45. I checked everything, disabled v-sync then r-enabled it, installed newest version of Geforce Experience, turned off and then on g-sync. The only thing that helps to adjust it temporarily is rebooting my computer. I don't know when this started or how. I searched every where and literally no one has this problem. Please help, this is getting increasingly frustrating.
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  1. Jo i have the same problem. i have also been trying out different things, but nothing helps. with me g sync worked totally fine until i updated my cpu motherboard and ram. I reinstalled windows, twice so far, and nothing seems to be fixing the problem, the weird thing is it works once when i start the game then i close it and reopen it and then it never works again. sometimes after reboot it would work again, but then either suddenly stops or after tapping out or starting another game.
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