Tranfering Save files from UPlay account to another for AC:Origins game

Hi everyone!

I have been playing Assassin's Creed Origins game in my friend's UPlay account for awhile and I progressed lots in the game.
I enjoyed the game, then decided to buy it for my own account, I just saved the Savegame folder off the friend's account and started the game in my account. I pasted the Savegame folder (contains another id folder, and contains 3539 folder which contains the save files) in the right location of AC Origins game.
My account didn't recognize the save files at all, it gives me the only option to start a New Game. I then knew that the savegame folder is related to the account.
After I searched in the NET for a solution to continue my game from where I stopped, I found a guy from Russian who can do the job but he asks like $5 to do that, all what he needs from me is the old savegame folder of the old account, then the new savegame folder of the new account, then he sends me back the savegame folder for the new account to paste and it will work.
Does anyone know how can this be done please? Is it about editing Hex data inside the save files to match the new account ? It looks like that, because I don't think of any other way.
If it is so, anyone knows how and what to edit exactly? Or if there is a method to accomplish that please? Because I am really not willing to start the game from the beginning after all what I went through.

Thanks for any comment!
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