gtx 750ti 2gb vs hd 6970 2gb?

I m too confused between these 2 cards.
Kindly help me to find a best 1 from both these cards
Gtx 750ti 90$
Hd 6970 80$
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  1. The HG 6970 is technically a tier up from the 750TI (,4388.html), but draws a lot more power (up to 250W vs. 75+ for the 750TI) so it needs both a more powerful PSU & probably more PCIe power connections.

    Neither one is really an ideal choice, though, as they're much older (2 generations back for the 750TI; depending on how you treat the rebrands, anywhere from 3 to 5 generations back for the 6970).

    If you're truly limited by your budget, then a GT 1030 2GB card might be better (although it's a step or 2 down, it definitely draws much less power). If you can afford it, though, a better choice might be a GTX 1050 (non-TI), as they run about $115 or so.
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