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I listed my above build, I have plenty of cooling to push this processor but I am wondering just how high I can get it, I have seen people running 3.9 and 4.0Ghz mainly, any suggestions for speed and volts?

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  1. Generally speaking, the "stock" voltage on a lot of Ryzen chips (+ the stock cooler) is actually sufficient for more than the stock frequencies it ships with.

    You should be able to start increasing either the CPU Multiplier or the CPU Frequency (depending on how your BIOS works) to 3.8GHz (so either 38x or 3800) and even higher, without actually needing to touch the voltage.

    One thing I'd mention on your build, Ryzen really benefits from faster memory - 3000/3200MHz would've been ideal.
    At the very least, I'd try and OC those modules to 2666MHz if you can.
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