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I overclock my GTX 1060 6GB GPU to absolute 2025Mhz, but when gaming, its going down to 1989MHZ - 2000Mhz, why I'm losing the 25Mhz extra? the GPU has good temps, around 55Deg, dont go over 59Deg. I also OC the VRAM to 8500Mhz, that clock keep going and dont go under there. Also I'm playing Dying Light right now, I notice some fps drops in the game, can be a unstable overclock? my brother keeps playing GTA V for around six continue hours and the game dont freeze. The overclock is very tested at this point, around two months using it. But from the first test, the 25Mhz curiosity is there, how I can make it static?


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  1. It is throttling due to temperatures, it will do this even though you are not overheating, this is a common thing seen in pascal cards (10 series), and dropping a few Mhz wont account for a performance change.
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    You can't make it "static" AFAIK.

    With GPU Boost 3.0, there's a lot of dynamic, on-the-fly tweaking/boosting to the clock speeds - subject to various parameters.
    Kind of similar to "turbo boost" being left on, on an OC'd CPU.
    There's your OC + the 300MHz (CPU example) 'boost' as/when needed....... BUT, with a few more requirements around voltages, temps etc.

    Pascall, unlike architectures before it, don't run at X speed consistently until temps reach Y, then throttle.
    They dynamically adjust, based on temps, voltages etc.

    I'd expect, if you truly monitor the details - Your clock speeds will hit their max, when temps are <40'C. You'll drop a little* when you exceed 40'C, a little more again when you exceed 45'C, more at 50'C etc.

    *I believe Pascal operates with kind of "tiers" (for lack of a better word). Something like 15MHz per 'step' IIRC. Do your clocks drop something in the region of 15MHz at any noticeable temperature interval?
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  3. MM now I understood I think, there is nothing to do. I dont notice any specific temperature interval, when I play the GPU go almost instantly to 55Deg and there the extra Mhz drop down.

    Thanks for your help!
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  4. Yeah, if there was a more 'staggered' increase - you could probably notice the drops in speed at intervals.
    If you instantly ramp up from, say 30'C to 50'C+, you won't notice the smaller drops, they'll just appear as one large(r) dip in clock speed.
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