RX480 BSOD (or RSOD?) when Exiting games, using 2nd screen etc.

So what's been happening lately is really weird and there is no way I will be able to describe or even remember eveyrhing that happened so I'll just give it my best shot. First of all here are my specs:

Gigabyte AX370 Gaming K5
Ryzen 5 1600
16GB of G.SKILL RAM running at 3200Mhz
Gigabyte RX480 8GB G1 Gaming
Corsair RM750X (so you know it's not a shite psu issue)
I'm running the latest BIOS as well as Windows 10

So.. this is a new system I built a couple of months ago and since the beginning it has been having some REALLY weird issues with the graphics card. I must mention I bought the card used from a miner BUT he had flashed the original latest BIOS on it or so he said...

The card runs perfectly, I have not tried overclocking yet but it would not be an issue I think, stress testing it with FurMark seems to have no effect either so it's perfectly stable.

The issue began when I first built this computer and it has been persisting since then. Sometimes occasionaly when I launch a game, ALT+TAB out of it or exit a game, the graphics card would either go full fan speed (sometimes with the FANSTOP indicator on it stayed ON) and not stop unless I reboot (most of the times, some other times it just did that for a minute or two and then stopped, only to do it again after another minute or two at the desktop, or it will either crash the system making it totally unresponsive, or give me a RED screen and not do anything or a BLUE screen with the error "THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER". Or a COMBINATION of all those, sometimes it would red screen with the fans full force, sometimes with the fan stop logo on or off, sometimes it would blue screen with either. Whenever it crashes it seems to also SOMETIMES (~50%) reset the RGB LEDs on the card itself, but not the motherboard(while I have the card on breathing red, sometimes it would crash and it would be a solid blue which is default). Must mention it hasn't ever crashed on the windows desktop.

This happened since day one but the weird part is that it happens randomly, I CAN induce a crash if I ALT+TAB some times or exit the game, but it mostly happens randomly and it's really annoying. Sometimes updating the driver for it will fix the issue for a week or two, then it would happen again after a while. After it happens once after a driver or windows reinstall it seems to happen more often, but it has never just happened once and then didnt for the next 3 or 4 game exits or Alt+Tab's. This one time it was working perfectly after I installed a rather old driver since the new one caused a game to crash mid-game and a program totally refused to work, this never crashed no matter how much I exited games or ALT+Tabbed UNTIL I connected my second monitor, until then when I exit games, or alt tab or sometimes entering a game from a game menu(how i would describe it is a transition from the 2d to the 3d engine or a handshake between the windows aero environment and the absolute control the GPU driver takes of the screen in fullscreen games)it would work fine but when I connected my second screen it decided to just crash on those actions sometimes. Having multiple monitors amplifies the issue somewhat, it's more likely to crash with 2 monitors connected rather than one. The weird part is that when I disconnected my second monitor the issue still persists with only one connected!

And as i said before reinstalling a driver usually fixes it for a week until it randomly decides to happen or I connect my projector, TV or second screen or whatever, but I dont fancy reinstalling my drivers every couple of weeks, not to mention that still doesn't let me use my two other monitors or one of them. Ugh, i have built so many computers for my friends and family before and I know so much stuff and the one time I decide to build one fully for myself it has a stupid issue... I can't seem to wrap my head around this issue even though I've done hours of research online about the red screens on AMD cards, the "THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER" BSOD or the other effects i am experiencing. And I haven't found a soloution yet.

I can point to two(or 3,4?) causes of this problem, the first and most obvious one is the card itself which could be defective, but my issue with that theory is "which part of it" since stress testing it doesnt seem to make it crash whatsoever...
The second thing that might be at fault is the motherboard, which is new and hasn't had any issues but it's likely that its either defective or GIGABYTE needs to get off their arses and make a BIOS update for it.
The 3rd thing(maybe?) could be my RAM, which is unlikely since it has not caused any other problems, but I do have it clocked pretty high(especially for the Ryzen platform) but I am only running it through it's XMP profile at it's rated speed.
The 4th reason(if it's even considered a reason) is any combination of those causes or any possible incompatibility of hardware in my system. Which would be pretty ironic since I went full GIGABYTE on this one so I wouldn't have to run into any of those problems.

Sigh, this has become a really wrong thread, feel free to ask any questions about details I forgot to mention or post suggestions & soloutions if you feel like they're going to help. Thanks to everyone in advance for their time!
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