video card crashing and rebooting PC!!

Here is a synopsis of my plight guys. In the relative recent past I had no issues with my PC and or graphics card playing AAA games. I even had it overclocked at points. I took an indefinite hiatus from casual gaming to pursue digital art. Upon returning from my hiatus of six months or so, all of the sudden I was restricted to 2d or low level 3d games. Anything greater would and still causes the PC to shut off and reboot after 2 to 3 minutes of 'gameplay'.
I have done tons of research as to what the problem may be. I have done everything including using apps to check the system and GPU voltage, performed clean installations of several certified drivers of my card from the NVIDIA site (older betas included),physically removed and cleaned the card and internal components and other things.
My several monitoring apps never signal abnormal temperatures or voltages. The PC was professionally built and mailed to me from MSI. Like I said, it worked up till about 6 months ago. It is roughly 4 years old but this problem is out of the blue.
My question is what is there left for me to explore besides possibly purchasing another card (which is not feasible at this moment)? The only thing that I can think of is my GPU fan is running around 1000-1500 rpms and that is min and max. That seems a bit low but I can seem to find specifications on the average or expected rpms in that aspect on the internet. But my temps are still stable and the highest I have seen them is around 50-60 at max. They are at around 30 or so when idling and in the 40s when I game. But like I stated, I can only play pixelated, 2d or low level 3d games. So any suggestions?

specs: I7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
PSU: Corsair CX500
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  1. A 4 year old CX500 may well be the culprit, rather than the GPU.

    Without the ability to swap components though (GPU, PSU) it's going to be tough to truly diagnose.
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