Can this be a psu problem?

I recently added a gtx 1080 to my old system:

p8p67 pro motherboard
2x8 gb ram
radeon hd 6900
corsair hx750w

Unfortunately, as soon as I start gaming, my computer would reboot itself, roughly between 10 to 30 min after launching a game. I checked event logs for reasons and can't really find anything.

I took out the gtx1080 and put back in my old gpu, and everything is going fine. Beside the ram (wich I memtest) and the 1080, everything else is roughly 6 years old.

I did some research as to why the reboot would happend, and I came with 2 things, either the gtx 1080 is faulty, or my psu is dying on me.

750w should be enough as far as I know, but is it possible with my aging psu, it' eventually does not bring in enough power to the new 1080 and making my system crash? And instead with my old gpu requiring less power, works fine?

I don't really know how to diagnose the problem when it comes with psu since I do not own a second computer to test it with, and would like to know what you experts think before I replace a psu that might actually be working fine.

Thanks for your time!
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  1. When the system undergoes a reboot when subjected t a load, of sorts, then it's an indication that the system is either overheating or that the PSU is failing at delivering the necessary power under load.

    Overtime as the capacitors inside the PSU age(and degrade)they reduce the effective output of the PSU which is why we're speculating it's not capable of delivering the necessary power. You could try and borrow a PSU from your neighbor who ows a reliable unit that has 650W of power at it's disposal and try it on your system.
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  2. Appreciate the answer thank you, I did forgot to say that I have been closely monitoring the temperatures, and nothing has been higher then 40 celcius so far, so I don't beleive the issue is there.
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