Looking for a good starter digital pen / stylus for a Windows 10 desktop


Not sure if I've got the right forum, so apologies if not.

I just came across the Windows Ink feature in the new Win10 update, and it looks quite fun. I don't have a real business use for it, but I like the idea of sketching. However, doing this with a mouse, especially when I'm trying to write is painful.

I was wondering about investing in a digital pen / stylus (no, I don't really know the difference, so please feel free to explain!). I spent some time searching around, and got thoroughly confused! This is largely because most of the information I saw related to devices with touch screens. I'm using a plain old desktop PC (Dell Precision 5810 if it makes any difference), no touch screen, etc.

I don't want to spend much, as this is more for fun than anything else, but I don't want cheap rubbish either. Anyone able to advise what would be a good starter for me? As you've probably realised, I know next to nothing about this area, so please don't assume anything :)

Thanks in advance.
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