Power Supply Cables? Need more.. Can I use any?

I have bought a used powersupply and there is no sata or molex cables for it.

It's a Rosewill rbr-1000ms 80+. Can I use any modular cables? If not.. Which cables can I use? I'm at a loss.

I just wanna order some modular cables and be done with this lol

Any help appreciated of course!
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  1. No you can't they have to be the cables made for that specific PSU.

    Contact Rosewill.
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  2. Each unit has a proprietary method of connecting since not all PSU's have the same OEM. You will need to get cables off Ebay that cater to your PSU's make and model or contact someone like Ensourced cables to make you a new set with sleeving or contact Rosewill and see if they can grant you acces to the PSU's cables. The Ensourced customs route will cost you a lot.
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  3. That's really crappy :(
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  4. Sorry , but it's the truth. When you buy a used modular PSU , make sure all cables are included. I have come across many in this same situation.
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  5. The Rosewill Bronze Series is made by Sirfa (a.k.a. High Power).

    If your RBR-1000MS looks like this High Power model then that is why.

    You can even make your own cables if your so inclined.

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  6. How did u figure that out? I could modify some I guess
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