EZ debug led CPU lights up when DP is plugged in VGA card

So this is kinda odd..

Ive got an MSI gaming pro carbon ac z370, and for some reason when the system is off, and the DP cable from my monitor is plugged in, the EZ Debug LED for CPU and all 4 leds below the ddr4 ranks are constantly on.
It doesnt matter if anything else is plugged in, or the monitor is on or off.
When the system boots, some more leds light up, but they all eventually go off and the system boots to windows 10. How do i fix this?

System: MB MSI Z370 carbon ac
CPU i5 8600k @ 5,1 ghz watercooled
RAM 4x8GB gskill trident Z
OS Drive Samsung 960 evo M2

PS: the System is currently #1 on firestrike for that gpu/cpu combination

Any help appreciated!
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