Can't remember the name of my childhood game. Please help!


I have been trying to find this game, from my childhood for, i don't know how long now. Sadly with no luck. Looking through individual games for hours upon hours. Different types of achives of tons and tons of old video games. You have no idea how happy i would be if someone actually know what game i'm actually talking about !
I will try and explain what i remember about the game.

So first of all; It's a 2d, tile-matching video game from around late 80s to 90s (88-95, i think, can't remember exactly) it's a very simple game. It has a black/purple background with different coloured bombs, that you either have to move and match their colour, or kinda draw lines from bomb to bomb with the same colour to then explode them (i think you have to move the bombs, but again not 100% sure). The bombs stand still, and i think it was 4x4 lined up. It had an amazing soundtrack :) It was on the computer (maybe on win95 or win98) I have tried to seach DOS game achieves and i don't think it's from there, but it's possible.

It reminds me of; SameGame, Color Lines, Jawbreaker, Bejeweled, Sega Swirl, Arcade Bubbles, Kulki.

I remember playing Tyrian and Lemmings in this time span (95 and 91)

I'm from Scandinavia, if that's any help.

I may have missed some information, i would be thrilled if you guys have any questions or suggestions of some good sites to find these types of old games.

Many thanks in advance ! :)

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  1. Sounds similar to Minesweeper
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  2. Hey Algorithmbreaker

    Unfortunately no it isn't. It doesn't have as many bombs as Minesweeper may have, only these 4x4, 5x5 or maybe 6x6. Thank you very much for the suggestion, i do really appreciate it. :)

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