Do I still need to reinstall my OS when I'm changing my motherboard?

Hello Guys,

I'm a Win7 user and planning to change my mini-ITX motherboard into an ATX motherboard.

My question is, do I still need to reinstall my OS? I'm buying the same brand which is Gigabyte.

Here is the link of my current Motherboard:

And here are the links of the motherboard that I'm planning to buy:

Any suggestion/answers will be appreciated.
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    Yes, since the drivers for both platforms will be different.
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  2. If it is not exactly same model of motherboard (and it is not), you should do clean install of Windows to avoid any problems caused by drivers from previous mobo.
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  3. Thanks guys.
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  4. I think not.
    If your new motherboard has the same or similar chipset, your current windows C drive will likely boot on the new motherboard.
    Try it.
    If you can boot, you can install the drivers that come with your new motherboard.
    This avoids the hassle of reinstalling your apps and doing a new clean install.
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