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Hello!Everyone last Sunday I bought i5 2400 3.1ghz ( 2nd gen) and Asus GT 710 2Gb ddr3 GPU and I have 4Gb DDR3 ram (next month I may upgrade my RAM 4 gb to 16 gb or 12gb ) and my mobo is asus h61m-k .Now my question is can I run any game on my pc ( I mean AC Origin ,WWII,Wolfenstein The new colusus,NFS Payback,Fifa 18 etc) Thanks In Advance■
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    With the lowest of settings, and reduced resolutions, yes.
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  2. None of the ones you listed I'm afraid. Your GPU is waaaay below required specs for any new game.
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  3. I guess that just depends on your definition of "run". Will the games boot? Yes they will. But dont expect much. At best you may get 30fps on low settings at 720p. A gtx 710 is not much more than integrated graphics. I know because I have one on a home server. It wont do much more than standard 2D applications.

    You should consider getting a gtx 1030 for around $70. That would be the bare minimum for any gaming. Even then, the 1030 is not much of a card. The best option for a budget card would be a 1050ti for around $150.

    If it were my rig, I would try and get 4gb more of RAM and a 1050ti. Then your 2400, 8gb of RAM, and 1050ti will be able to get good framerates at reasonable settings at 1080p.
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