Machine Check Exceptions

I have been undervolting for the past few weeks (maybe 2 weeks now. Constant 100% load for the past 2 weeks without problems.)
However, within 2 days, I've received numerous MCE blue screens. There is no way chip degradation would have occured so soon.
Is there any way it might be the GPU issue? I've reduced the overclock to +80Mhz (which should be easy) only to MCE again 6 hours later.

Can anyone help me check my crash dump?

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  1. Why are you undervolting anything to begin with.
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  2. vrumor said:
    Why are you undervolting anything to begin with.

    Compared to overclocking, saves me about 20W power.

    I'm just curious why the system started blue screening suddenly. Was working fine for 2 weeks undervolted before.
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