Cannot connect Xbox One S controller to W10 Laptop via Bluetooth

Hi there, my Windows 10 laptop cannot find my Xbox One S controller via bluetooth despite all drivers being up to date. My laptop can find my Xbox and TV so that bit works and my phone can find the controller so that bit works, it's just putting the two together that's the problem.

Many thanks.
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  1. Can you share the make and model of your laptop? Is the BIOS on your laptop up to date?
  2. It's a Toshiba Satellite L50 C 20G. How do i (exactly) update the bias. Sorry. Thank you.
  3. you need to update controller firmware. steps on xbox website.
  4. I could solve my connection issue with Xbox One S controller over Bluetooth on a Win10 laptop!

    Problem description:
    • The Xbox One S controller is not showing up in the Bluetooth Add Device window.

    Checks done:
    • I have the Xbox One S controller: - on the box there is the bluetooth icon, - the plastic around the Xbox button is part of the main pad housing, - I can connect to my android phone over bluetooth, and it is working fine.
    • Windows has the Anniversary Update (Version 1709).
    • I can connect the controller over a micro USB cable and it is working fine.
    • Controller Firmware update was done with the Xbox Accessories app in Windows (it was already up to date).

    • In Services, the "DeviceAssociationService" was disabled. I started the service. (In Hungarian Windows: "Eszköztársítási szolgáltatás".)
    • Immediately after that: the controller was showing up in the bluetooth add device dialog, and the controller is working fine.
    • If you doesn't experience any problems, you can set it to automatic start.
    • By me this service blocks some WebDAV connection, and thus I left it disabled. The controller was still working fine once it was paired, also after computer restart.

    I hope this helps some of you who have the same problem!
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