Computer froze, doesn't display anything on reboot, all LEDs and fans functioning

There's plenty of these threads, I know, but this specific case I couldn't find an answer to. I was playing Rainbow 6, a pretty heavy game, when my computer froze. I forced shutdown and tried to boot back up. LEDs and fans turned on fine, but the monitor shows no signal most times. one time it did boot through BIOS into Windows but it just showed the Win10 logo, no loading circle, until 7-8 minutes later when I forced shut down again. In another instance, it started auto repair, but was interrupted with a BSoD: "Critical Process Died." The last weird instance was that a white line appeared spanning the top of the screen until another forced shutdown. I've already unplugged it multiple times. After a while, it actually started up just fine, didn't even need automatic repair. This same thing happened a day before this instant as well, this time playing Civ 5, which is a much less intensive game, and the fix was again to just unplug it and worry about it for an hour and a half, before it booted up like nothing had ever happened. The keyboard and mouse light up during these episodes as well. It's not urgent, as I said, it appears to be functional again, but I'd love to find a permanent fix to this recurring problem.
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  1. list alll your parts .
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