What are quarters?

I was wondering what are quarters in terms of fiscal years. I know Nivda is relasing the Volta series in Q2, but I would like to know what month or months that reffers to?
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  1. Q1 Oct-Dec, Q2 Jan-March, Q3 April-June, Q4 July-Sept

    Their release date calendar may not coincide with a fiscal calendar. Just because the fiscal year ends in September does not mean their release date will be fiscal year Q2.

    Additionally, unless you work for Nvidia and have privileged information, you don't know Nvidia will release a gaming Volta GPU in Q2. But if I were to bet, Volta will be released in March or May at one of Nvidia's events.
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  2. Read here.

    2nd Quarter:
    April, May and June (Q2)

    On another note, the Quarter baseline is merely a guesstimate as to when the product will be made available to the masses. Often times it goes without saying, that deadlines can go beyond what they state or come out earlier. In both cases, there will always be issues that will need ironing out.
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  3. Fiscal year start/quarter/end dates can vary from entity to entity. See here to learn more:

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