I7 7700k and h100i v2 reaching 100c Help

I have been running my z270 and 7700k for a few months now, and finally I began to delve into overclocking it. I ran into a problem pretty quickly. With everything on auto base clock, a stress test quickly runs up to 100c. Last night I wiped off the thermal paste and put some new paste on. Made it almost worst funny enough. Cooler is tight on the CPU. Only thing I can think of is if the mount isnt tight. The back of my CPU mount isnt tight at all and I can't get it tighter. Without the heat sink on top it can move back and forth probably half an inch.
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  1. What are you dull system's specs? Is your chassis with optimal airflow? Overclocking dumps heat into your system which is something you need to factor in. On another note, are you on the latest BIOS revision? Please include the make of the TIM you used to replace the stock paste on the H100i v2.

    What sort of voltages are you on? You shouldn't be overclocking your processor without first reading into it. For more information about the CPU's thermal limits and abilities, read here.
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  2. I think you should do a reset. I would go back in the bios and reset to factory defaults, or you could even clear the CMOS. If your cooler is installed properly, you should not come close to 100C at stock settings. This will tell you if your cooler is installed properly and functioning or if you have too much voltage or too high clockspeed on your CPU.
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