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  1. No, since the 7700 is not a "K" series CPU it can't be overclocked in any fashion. The only overclocking comes from the integrated Turbo Boost, which will take your cooling and power draw into account to boost the frequency under load. If it's not enabled you can go into your BIOS and enable it.

    Other than that, there is nothing you can do to overclock your CPU.
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  2. Hi mikisuckswithcomputers,

    I heard you suck with computers so I thought I'd come along to help!

    The i7 7700 you've purchased unfortunately does not support CPU overclocking (well, if I remember correctly most CPUs TECHNICALLY do, but I've not even looked into doing it on locked chips).

    You'll need an Intel chip with a 'K' on the end of it, which has an unlocked multiplier and allows adjustments to be made in the BIOS.

    It's great that you've stayed true to your name in this case, but unfortunately there's no simple way to get what you want here and overclock that chip.
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