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asking: if you want to increase your dedicated memory you need a new graphic card ? or a good ram
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  1. A decent Graphics with a decent amount of VRAM , not 2GB cards.

    Also you want decent specs to handle the card.

    You want a card to match system performance level.
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  2. Depends on what platform you're talking about. Are you dealing with an APU? If so then the maximum you can allocate is 2GB + ram as high as 2133MHz. Can you list your full system's specs to get a better answer?
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  3. OK my potato PC specs:
    Windows7 ultimate 32-bit
    2gb of RAM
    Intel pentium CPU g850 2.90 GHz (2 cores i think)
    Intel HD graphics
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  4. Actually thé graphics card ils Intel HD 2000i3
    After i used a website
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  5. If you're on HD graphics then the only way to improve performance is adding a videocard. You have a dual core Sandy Bridge, so even with a videocard certain games won't run well. GTA V and PUBG being two of those games. Just so you know. You are using a 32 bit version of Windows and 2gb system ram, that limits things too. What you should do, if anything, depends on what you're hoping to accomplish here.
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  6. So what do you recommande
    I want a mis-range PC but i needed to Start upgrading thing by thing
    And i am new to this

    Also a friend told me that the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 ti is for meduim PC
    What do y ou think
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  7. You do not really have the foundation for upgrades.

    You need a new build.
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  8. Its gonna be a huge problem since i am new in this
    But THX btw
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  9. Save your money. You'll need a new CPU, Motherboard, at least 8 GB of RAM, and a GPU.

    It's also better to buy everything at once and not piece by piece and let it sit until you have all the parts.
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  10. Yea THX
    But what do you recommand for a medium PC
    And how much they will cost
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  11. marouanemoumouma said:
    Yea THX
    But what do you recommand for a medium PC
    And how much they will cost

    ~$500 is a good starting point for a gaming pc that can upgrade
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  12. Since it seems your budget is going to be low, personally I'm not comfortable recommending a build. I can say you are looking at $500 or so with a 1050TI.
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  13. Actually i can handle over 700$ (after saving ofc)
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  14. When you're ready check back and someone will gladly put a build together for you based on all your needs and budget.
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  15. marouanemoumouma said:
    Actually i can handle over 700$ (after saving ofc)

    so the question then becomes, what do you have already that you can reuse

    monitor, hard drive, keyboard? etc etc

    and what do you plan to do with it? gaming? rendering?
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  16. At a minimum you'll need: A quad core CPU, Sandy Bridge(i5 2400) or newer. 8gb system ram. A 1050 Ti or equivalent, assuming 1080p gaming. A 64bit version of Windows. A decent power supply if you don't already have one, or if the one you have is as old as that computer.

    The good news is that you have a Sandy Bridge dual core. So it's likely your motherboard will accept a Sandy Bridge quad core, which you could buy used. You could use DDR3 ram which is fairly cheap used. You could get a 1050 Ti that does not require a 6 pin power connector, which means you could use a lower cost 300W-400W power supply.

    The point is you don't have to build an all new computer for 'medium' gaming. An all new computer would be best of course, and if PUBG is the kind of game you want to play then a new computer would be worth it.
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