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I overclocked my ryzen 1600 to 3.85 @1.3500v stable, but even if im enabling cool and quiet hw monitor shows same voltage even if cpu is idle and downclock. So my question is is there any way on this mobo so i can downvolt cpu when idling.... Dont like running 24/7 on 1.35v....sorry on my english
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  1. Assuming you're on the latest BIOS revision with the AGESA code, you seem to be at higher voltages. You can try and tweak it down a 1.32v and see if the temps are better. Speaking of voltages, is the same seen when viewing in BIOS and later in CPU-Z?
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  2. I have it stable on 1.32v but in windows when cpu idles voltage doesn't decrease like on my previous cpus i overclocked..... Cpu needs 1.32 when loaded but have to decrese on idle.. Any solution? Clocks goes down but not and voltage what means morw power consumption and higher temps...
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