URGENT!Is gtx 550 ti compatible with my motherboard?

I'm looking to upgrade my gpu.My motherboard is the IPISB-CU (Carmel 2).Is it compatible?
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  1. That board has a PCIE x16 gen 2 and it should support the card. Question is the PSU.

    I think GTX 550 Tis need at least one 6-pin auxiliary PCIE power connectors. The card need something around 120W at peak.

    What is your PSU brand and model. What is your current graphics card on that system? Does the PSU have PCIE connectors/cables? If it's a decent 400W or so it would have at least two 6 or 6+2 pins.
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  2. Will the corsair vs450 psu work?
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  3. Yes I'd say 450W is enough. Just to make sure what is the CPU you have on that board?

    The Corsair VS450 is OK but not the best quality PSU in that capacity and price range I would say.

    This one is a better one:


    There are better units too. It all depends on your budget.
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