MSI Z270 GAMING M3 Motherboard not recognizing EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC2 video all

I'm having trouble with second computer build. I've finally gotten everything else working fine; my machine turns on, I've installed Windows 10 OS, etc. My problem came when I attempted to run a game on Steam. Specifically, Tekken 7. I built my machine with gaming in mind. Here are the parts used in my build:

When everything powers on, I can see power is being supplied to the video card, but the system does not recognize it. Checked device manager, nothing. Went into the motherboard boot menu and used the parts checker to verify it was there. According to the motherboard, there is nothing in the first PCI slot (which is where it plugged in). I took apart my build and made sure the card was tightly secured in the slot and still no dice. Again, its odd. The card is being supplied power, the lights are on (I notice the fans don't seem to be spinning, however). But the system does not recognize it. I attempted to download drivers and bios from the EVGA website, but this failed as the installation program could not find my video card. Its as if it doesn't exist.

Here is a picture:
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  1. Did you try taking out the CMOS battery for a minute or two , then see if it recognizes it when you boot it up.
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  2. I have not. I have taken the motherboard out of the case, and booted up it up then and still does not recognize the card.
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  3. Actually, I have done the equivalent of taking out the CMOS; I went into the bios/motherboard setup and reverted to factory/optimized settings. I also used Guru 3D program to remove and rest my drivers. Restarted, and still no dice.
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