Worth upgrading the GPU now?

Hello, I recently built a rig and set it on my own, these are the speccs of it:

Case: Silverstone RVZ01e
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z270N-Gaming 5
Cpu: i7-7700k
Cpu cooler: Thermalright AXP-100R
SSD Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB DDR4-3000MHz
PSU: Silverstone SFX Series 600W Gold+

I kept my old GPU from the previous rig which is an Asus AMD HD7870 DirectCU II, which to be fair has served me well to this date, and overclocks to 1250/1380 - core/memory running at 1.3v under MSI Afterburner, cooled by air fans, idling at 22 degrees with an ambient temp of ~20, going up to 67-70 under heaven and ~60 under gaming.
Heaven results : ( card performs better than 95% of similar 7870 - guess I got a lucky chip )
The CPU is run at the stock 4.2/4.5 boost but undervolted by 100mV, system is stable under stress tests so that surely gave me a minus 10-15 degrees on the CPU.

To get on point, I want to upgrade the GPU so that I run some games I picked recently smoother, such as PubG (Yes I know the game is not still optimized yet, it runs on 45-75 fps on my old 7870)

My budget is 300 euros max. I am into PC hardware for many many years but it's the first time that I need insight from others, as I am stuck in an endless loop of checking prices daily and not making up my mind.

What I am looking for on a GPU:

First things first, I will be overclocking it out of the box, pushing voltage and clocks to the ideal spot between performance and temps. Given my current temps and using 1.3V 24/7, I suspect that the air flow I have is ideal and given a reliable cooling system on the new GPU, I am looking to get the max juice out of the new card without decreasing lifespan when temps are safe (Note: I am looking to keep the card for at least 3 years)

Run everything on 1080p@ultra at 60+ stable. Planning on upgrading on a QHD/144Hz in a year or two and would like to have them 144+ stable on there as well, as future proof as the rapidly expanding hardware market could be. With that in mind, I am getting 4GB models out of the equation, mainly looking at RX 580 8GB cards.

Prices for my country are like this:
1060 6GB with dual fan - 270+
RX 580 8GB - 300+
On given prices, the RX 580 is a clear winner.

And the final question being, given the crazy prices around because of mining in general, is it worth spending those 300 for an overpriced GPU or suck it up and keep my old and reliable 7870?
Is the market looking any better for 2018?
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  1. I would get a 1060 6GB. For the price , it's the best deal.
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  2. Update: Thanks for sharing your opinion SR-71 Blackbird. Just a heads up I checked just now about the 1060-6GB. Cheapest model available is the Gainward GeForce GTX1060 6GB which costs 290. The models that are in the range of 270-290 are the ones having a single fan only, which I would like to avoid as I will overclock and I wouldn't like to gamble on 1 fan being efficient or not. So with that in mind, is the 1060 - 6GB still a better deal than a 580 - 8GB of ~310?
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    You have the Power to run a 580 , get one , I have 2 of them.
    I agree about the single fan models.
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