Counter strick 1.6 fps

Can i go over 100fps ? Like 300?

I have tried 300 but it sucks in multi jump mod (can't jump like 100Fps,in 300fps heavy jump )

Can anyone explain it?
Core 2 Doue E8400 3GHZ
Gf 610 2GB
4GB ram
60Hz monitor
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  1. CS 1.6 caps your fps at 100. If you want to try and go beyond that then try these commands and disable v-sync (if you haven't already)

    developer 1
    fps_override 1
    fps_max 0
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  2. I have tried fps_max 999 fps_override 1
    It goes around 300fps
    It's smoother than 100
    I want to know why it's hard to jump in multi jump mod
    Is that my GPU or monitor? What should i do ?
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  3. The 610 is not a gaming card. So I would advise anyone who is using a 610 to upgrade to a better card before complaining about anything related to game performance. If you want to stick to the 6xx series, a GT 640 DDR5 is the least you should have. A GTX 650 or 650 Ti would be better.
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  4. The human eye can see up to 1000 FPS. So don't stop at 300
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