Bios won't boot up

this is my first build and im having an issue with my pc and when i turn it on everything lights up, fans are running and all but nothing appears on my monitor and the bios wont appear either. Since my monitor doesnt have a hdmi port i used a dvi cable and plugged it into a dvi d adapter to the gpu but nothing works my monitor goes into power save mode and the screen turns off. And also when i plug in the keyboard or mouse to wake up the monitor the keyboard doesnt work and the mouse lights up for a split second and doesnt work so im not sure if its my specs or if my monitor is too old. I will appreciate any help i can get for this. thanks :)

My parts:
ryzen 3 1200
gigabyte AB350 gaming mobo
evga 1050ti SC
1x4gb ddr4 ram
430w psu
1tb WD caviar blue
PNY 120gb ssd
Monitor: Dell E2009W
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